REL HT/1508 Predator Subwoofer Review | Best Home Theater Sub??

HiFi Summit Tickets – Today I give my review of the REL HT/1508 Predator Subwoofer. I have had these in my living room for the past six months. We are going to look at some measurements and check out some demos. REL –

REL HT/1508 Unboxing Video (Sexy B-Roll) –

0:00 – Start/Intro
2:01 – More Gas in the Tank!
3:46 – YouTube Audio Elite
5:21 – ARC Measurements
7:36 – Demos Explained
8:08 – LOTR Demo
9:30 – Quiet Place Demo
10:05 – Edge of Tomorrow Demo
10:36 – “Forever” Demo
11:15 – Frequency Response Test
12:30 – 30Hz Tone
12:39 – 25Hz Tone
12:48 – 20Hz Tone
12:59 – 18Hz Tone
13:12 – 15Hz Tone
13:25 – 12Hz Tone
13:37 – 10Hz – 100Hz – 10Hz Sweep
14:24 – Demo Aftermath
14:40 – Compared to SVS
15:41 – More REL!
16:33 – Final Thoughts HT/1508
17:20 – Outro/End

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